We are one of the oldest supplier of sauna equipment in Kathmandu.

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A perfect sauna room in your home, spa or a hotel is no longer a dream

We are aware of the Sauna trends and we create both traditional and modern sauna rooms that suits your needs. Whether it is a commercial or domestic purpose, we have a team of specialists to create a Sauna facility in your space professionally.

To ensure quality engineering work, we combine best material and component to make perfect saunas. Our well-trained staffs are always on "stand-by" mode to support over to phone to repair or technical planning purpose
Sauna Health Benefits:
- Detoxification
- Weight loss
- Cardiovascular Health
- Better blood circulation and increased energy
- Beautification and purification

We have following quality equipment(s) available

The clean, contemporary and safe sauna rooms are our commitment.

Rs. 220* per sq. ft.*

Room Design and Construction

We carefully customize your sauna rooms, while considering all related materials and cost of design that meet your budget.

(*) Price may vary upon the choice of interior, size of a heater and the room dimensions.


Imported High Quality Sauna Heaters

Available imported sauna (HARVIA, Sawo) heaters: 6kw 9kw, 12kw, Stainless heating elements, Temperature controller, Smart control panel, sauna rocks are available.
Our sauna construction completes with a free deliver of accessories like; a pine wooden bucket, dipper, thermometer, wall light and head/back rests.

(*) Price may vary with capacity of heater.

Rs. 2025* per sq. ft.

Seasoned Sauna Woods (Imported)

Quality seasoned sauna woods are available in various sizes as per your requirement, commonly custom built to fit your exact room. Used for Framing of walls and ceiling.

(*) Price may vary upon the choice of pine woods, and the room dimensions.