Established in 1998, Green Hills Trade Link is one of the trust-able name for spa accessories and supplier of steam and sauna bath equipment.

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Brand New Spa Chair for sale

Starting a beauty salon or spa business? A classy and modern spa chair with quality materials are available at Green Hills.

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1Disposable Bed sheets Rs. 1250/- 1 roll (50 pcs)
This cotton or polyester bed sheets can be used in hotels, spas, and hospitals. This use and throw bed sheets can be used as an alternative of other sheets in order to maintain hygiene.
2Disposable Undergarments: Rs. 1000/- 50 pieces
Different shapes, sizes, and colors are available to be used in spas. Made up of skin friendly fabric, this is comfortable to wear and it does not cause any skin irritations, hence popularly used in spa business.
3Hot and Cool Towel Warmer: Rs.14700/-
This Towel warmer helps to disinfect towels from microbes. This warmer can heat and cool the towels in various environmental temperatures. This handy and easy to use towel warmer can be used in hotels, spas, and resorts.
4100 ml bottle:Rs. 480/- 12 pcs
This easy to use bottle helps to store oils in which we can dispense the oil easily. This small transparent plastic bottle can be used to different oils.
5Standard Bathrobe Rs. 1750/-
This loose fitting outer garment is designed to be worn by both male and female. Made up of absorbent material, it helps to absorb water particles from your body. It also helps you to keep your body warm.

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