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Green Hills, the trusted name in the spa and fitness arena. The ultimate source for the Sauna and Steam installations and equipment

Our Products

Available Accessories for SPA, Salon & Fitness Business

We have a wide range of spa accessories as well as spa care products. We also sell variety of aromatic oils to enhance your spa experience.

Hot Stone Set

Relax, rejuvenate, and feel the health benefits! Hot stone massage therapy increases circulation

Hot Stone Warmer

The Professional Massage Stone Heating warmer Unit is designed to be a key part of your hot stone

Massage oil

Nothing takes away the stress and rejuvenates your mind and body as a relaxing oil massage.

Essential oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants to capture the plant’s essence,

Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is derived from the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia.


Jasmine oil is an essential oil derived from the white flowers of the common jasmine plan


Rosemary takes its name from the Latin Rosmarinus or sea dew, as it is rather fond of water


Sandalwood essential oil comes from the wood and roots of Santalum album

Shirodhara Pot

Shirodhara therapy relaxes the mind and helps to eliminate mental toxins by giving a purifying effect

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Annual Maintenance

Contract & Support

We have support and maintenance service of your sauna or steam facility. Once the installation is complete and the facility is in use, we will visit in a timely basis in order double-check installed equipment, and provide necessary hands-on-training to the staffs. - During first 6 months, our engineers will check the installation thoroughly to ensure equipment’s safety and efficiency. - For the AMC contract, the cost of support charges will be based on agreement between client and Green Hills itself. The support agreement is renewable for the sake of the efficiency and long terms support.

Some FAQ's

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install sauna and steam in houses?

Yes it is possible, our sauna and steam machines require minimum of 32 AMP of electricity.

How much electricity is consumed?

The minimum electricity unit consumed is 6 units per hour.

What is the smallest sauna room available?

The smallest sauna room that we can make is 5ft x 4ft x 7ft

Is the after sales service available?

Yes there is. We will get back to your problems within 72 hours.

Can the room size be customized?

Yes the room size can be customized according to the need of the client and the space available.

How long does the installation for sauna and steam room take?

Sauna room are completed within 3 weeks where as time taken for the steam room varies according to the design.

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Team Members

At the heart of our customer-centric approach is our Customer Support Team. These empathetic and friendly professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch assistance to our clients.